How I used my own struggles to help people get the best career opportunities.

Let me start by telling a palpable story of mine as well as millions of others. I hope it will help you to change your way of combating these situations from now on.

Every student enters this stage of life when he starts taking his career decisions more seriously. This is the time when the feeling of achieving your goals makes space in your mind. You being new into this phase of life try looking out for people more competent than you. The plain sailing options that you have narrows down to your friends, families, or your teachers. You proceed to finally ask them about how to reach your goal and since you have already assumed that they know the right path that will finally lead to your goals you tend to take that as correct. For a simple explanation, consider an analogy where you are asking a person to help you learn with car driving and that person has never himself driven a car. The accident is bound to happen.

Similar is your case in this scenario where you ask wrong people for correct advice. Everyone is a self-claimed expert and finding a person who can give advice is not a strenuous task but finding the right person is. Getting to your goals is a journey that requires effort from your side but if you can get someone to help you with your goal who has already achieved it can be a good way to avoid stumbling blocks in your way. The journey which should be enjoyed becomes a difficult task. Similar is the case with your close circle of people around you. Famous quotes have been said many times pertaining to your friend circle, and they more or less are paraphrased every time but convey the same intention.

Filter the people around you, and you will end up with better results for your life.

Adding to the pain of finding the right peer group and someone to give you the correct advice it is deep trouble to find some to help you with preparation and again if someone has not aced the preparation you don’t need them to help you.

We have discussed several important issues but what about the solution? These things faced by me prompted me and my friend to do something for people like us. We both started working on this problem and quickly found an efficient solution to all problems. Before introducing the solution I would love to tell you that this article is written by heart and what we felt for people suffering from these problems.

We introduced Acoto to help you with all these issues. We made a one-stop platform that brings professionals from the best of the best companies only, entrepreneurs, and other people who have established themselves to help you with correct advice with one on one session as well as preparation. You can interact with the highly motivated acoto community within the platform on our feed and challenges section.
With everything you do on our platform you gain points and in return a chance to get loads of career opportunities from our side as well.

Our vision is to never let anyone struggle for help by building a platform as well as a community to help you anytime you want. We have opened pre-launch registration so that you can get the benefit as early as possible. Register at and start getting benefits even before the app launches. We are filling up fast and the numbers are truly mesmerizing. Would love to see you on our list.

Your problem is our pain and we will solve it.

Co-Founder & CEO @Acoto | Ex-Founder @Healthillc | Entrepreneur | Marketing | AI

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