Learn these side skills so that your income never go ZERO!

No one could have guessed the current situation a few months back but here we are in the worst possible times. Even though we can’t predict the future but an established fact that we all know is that you should always be prepared for the worst.

There were times when one could have lived his entire life with just one skill set but with the quick adoption of technology across all industries that was changing at a reasonable pace but now COVID-19 is acting as a catalyst for the situation. Let us list a few points on skills that you can learn so that your income never gets zero and you can sail through tough winds.

Coding: There is no doubt that coding is going to become more and more important in our professional lives. Even if you don’t belong to a technical background make sure you at least give it a try. I will rate this skill as the most important skill you could potentially learn.

Freelancing Skills: There are a bunch of freelancing skills one can learn, so I am combining them into this point only. We can name a few such as copywriting(I believe the market is quite saturated in this), Digital Marketing(Content, Facebook Ads, Social Media, SEO, etc), UI/UX designer, Animation, Graphic Design, Developer and many others. Do keep in mind that all these skills are well known and not something secret that is between you and me so, do understand that many people are already doing these and thus you need to be excellent at what you learn to stand out. Learning these skills can even help you land a full-time job as well.

Entrepreneurship: I will not go into the depth of this point since plenty of information is already available on the internet but if this is something that excites you whenever you see this word then give it a shot. You can start something small with a very small amount of capital(thanks to technology) and can scale big if you think something is going in your favor here.

Turn hobbies into a profession: Are you good at something or is there anything that you like doing? If after thinking your answer is “Yes” then make sure you do in-depth research on it and who knows you might find just another way of earning :)

It doesn’t matter what you learn but the emphasis should be on learning a few extra skills that you can use whenever you are in trouble. This is just like having a secondary weapon with you in a fight in case you can’t use your primary one.

Whenever you learn a new skill you find it intimidating as you don’t know the “What next?”. Having someone to mentor you in that skill so that you can reach out to him/her in case any issue arises is a priceless gift. Well, guess what we have developed a mentorship platform for the same where you can ask a professional mentor for personalized mentorship, network with your peers, and even practice your skills or discuss issues.

Would love to come? Just register at to get access and wait for the surprise. Share and get early access to our platform. Best of luck for your future endeavors 👍

Co-Founder & CEO @Acoto | Ex-Founder @Healthillc | Entrepreneur | Marketing | AI

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