Simple framework to land a job. No twisting!

It is often intimidating when preparing to get a new job or switching from one another. Let us see a simple 3-step framework that you can use to get one.

Breaking down the 3-step framework as follows:

  1. Getting to know about the job: It is important that you know what are the prerequisites of the job or what that job is all about that you intend to take up. Seeking relevant advice from someone who is already there where you want to reach can really help you with the roadmap to there. Now at this stage, you have your blueprint/roadmap ready.
  2. Interview Preparation: It includes all the relevant knowledge that you need to prepare for the interview. People here in this stage end up paying huge sums of money to learn basic things in boot camps, coaching classes, and in other places. A simple google search will provide you with ample resources that are enough to crack any tough interviews. When you are done with learning all the stuff you need to hone your skills needed to crack the interviews. You can do this alone as well but what if someone who is already in a role that you are preparing for can help you with your practice and preparation? It will be similar to someone showing a way to a lost tourist in a desert.
  3. Finding a peer group: Sometimes the preparation can get lonely, you might be feeling demotivated or need help with something and at this time having a peer group to support you can be a blessing.

It is your career, your dreams, and just one life to attain happiness. Give your best to achieve what you want.

Acoto can be helpful to you if you need a helping hand with the above-mentioned framework. With mentors from every career roles, interview preparation, and an Acoto community to support you.

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Good luck to all for your future endeavors.

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