We, humans, are genetically programmed to stay within a circle made by us according to our comfort level. But interestingly, we can only achieve our goals outside it.

It is not palatable to expect extraordinary achievements by sitting inside your comfort zone. Just to make sure this article doesn’t become another boring ride for you, I will discuss “what you can do?” in brief. This pandemic has taught billions of people to change themselves and if you think you are impervious to such situations then you might want to skip this article and save your time.


Try to learn something new that interests you. This may or may not be directly related to your career goals but will definitely push you out of your comfort. To give you an example consider learning a new language that intrigues you or how to code. There are exorbitant amounts of things that you can learn.

Choose what you want to learn


Not only the things that you learn can push your limits, focusing on improving your existing skills or personality can also be a great choice for you. As an example consider improving your soft skills or work to improve your physical or mental health.

Be the guy who climbs and never stops until he reaches his summit

Take risks

Do you have a goal in your mind that demands taking a bit of risk? Most probably the answer will be “Yes”. Are you willing to take the step considering things that are at stake and what will happen if you fail? As said by Jeff Bezos “When you think about the things that you will regret when you’re 80, they’re almost always the things that you did not do. They’re acts of omission. Very rarely you are going to regret something that you did that failed and didn’t work or whatever,” in an interview. There might be some discord on this point of view of taking risks considering different people may have different conundrum situations. But, the point is don’t assume yourself to be the one who is having such situations that are holding you from taking the risks. There are numerous examples of people who climbed to the apex of their career despite being in difficult situations. Get out of the comfort and take the next step!

If you have reached till this point I can guarantee you that now you might be getting thoughts of doing something but the fact is that just after you close this article you will get back to your routine. This article is not a motivational piece and is just written to guide you with how you can change yourself and step out of your comfort zone. So, all the implementation responsibility lies with you. Wish you best of luck for your journey to changing yourself.

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