How do we decide whether we should take this step or not? To explain in a very lucid manner I can say we make the decisions based on our experiences.


With every decision you take, there comes a possibility that you will regret taking that step or you will regret not taking that step. What if there is an easy way to make sure you don’t regret whatever your decision may be?

Will you regret taking one pill and not taking the other one?

There is a way in which you can minimize the regret for your decisions. …

We, humans, are genetically programmed to stay within a circle made by us according to our comfort level. But interestingly, we can only achieve our goals outside it.

It is not palatable to expect extraordinary achievements by sitting inside your comfort zone. Just to make sure this article doesn’t become another boring ride for you, I will discuss “what you can do?” in brief. This pandemic has taught billions of people to change themselves and if you think you are impervious to such situations then you might want to skip this article and save your time.


Try to learn something…

No one could have guessed the current situation a few months back but here we are in the worst possible times. Even though we can’t predict the future but an established fact that we all know is that you should always be prepared for the worst.

There were times when one could have lived his entire life with just one skill set but with the quick adoption of technology across all industries that was changing at a reasonable pace but now COVID-19 is acting as a catalyst for the situation. …

It is often intimidating when preparing to get a new job or switching from one another. Let us see a simple 3-step framework that you can use to get one.

Breaking down the 3-step framework as follows:

  1. Getting to know about the job: It is important that you know what are the prerequisites of the job or what that job is all about that you intend to take up. Seeking relevant advice from someone who is already there where you want to reach can really help you with the roadmap to there. …

Let me start by telling a palpable story of mine as well as millions of others. I hope it will help you to change your way of combating these situations from now on.

Every student enters this stage of life when he starts taking his career decisions more seriously. This is the time when the feeling of achieving your goals makes space in your mind. You being new into this phase of life try looking out for people more competent than you. The plain sailing options that you have narrows down to your friends, families, or your teachers. You proceed…

This is part three of the Scikit-learn series, which is as follows:

  • Part 1 — Introduction
  • Part 2 — Supervised Learning in Scikit-Learn
  • Part 3 — Unsupervised Learning in Scikit-Learn (this article)

Link to part one :

Link to part two :

Unsupervised Learning In Scikit-Learn


Lets dive into another form of machine learning i.e Unsupervised Learning.

A quick recap :

Unsupervised learning is a type of machine learning algorithm whose goal is to discover groups of similar examples within the datasets consisting of input data without labeled responses/target values.

What Scikit-Learn has in its unsupervised package ?

As we have already seen what scikit learn offers us in terms…

This is part two of the Scikit-learn series, which is as follows:

  • Part 1 — Introduction
  • Part 2 — Supervised Learning in Scikit-Learn (this article)
  • Part 3 — Unsupervised Learning in Scikit-Learn

Link to part one :

Link to part three :

Supervised Learning In Scikit-Learn

Hello again !

Recap To Supervised Learning :

Q. What is supervised learning ?

In machine learning it is a type of system in which both input and desired output data are provided. Input and output data are labelled for classification to provide a learning basis for future data prediction.

This is part one of the Scikit-learn series, which is as follows:

  • Part 1 — Introduction (this article)
  • Part 2 — Supervised Learning in Scikit-Learn
  • Part 3— Unsupervised Learning in Scikit-Learn

Link to part two :

Link to part three :


New to machine learning ? Don’t know how to get started with this amazing library ? Then hang on as you are about to get started with this free library that will help you boost your skills. Before moving on to the different features it offers let us understand what actually is scikit-learn ! So, scikit learn…

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